NAACP opposes Armstrong City Hall Relocation

 This statement from NAACP:

"The NAACP - New Orleans Branch and its members, stand with the New Orleans Culture Preservation Committee, community members, cultural bearers, advocates, and other elected officials who reject the proposed relocation site.

We ask Mayor Cantrell to engage in a meaningful dialogue to reconsider, explore, and discuss viable alternatives for the use of the Morris F X Jeff Municipal Auditorium and to identify potential relocation sites for City Hall. This meaningful engagement should focus on the impact on New Orleans culture and the surrounding Treme Community, potential of cultural development opportunities, the economic best use of the Morris F X Municipal Auditorium, and to identify other relocation possibilities for City Hall.

We, NAACP – New Orleans Branch and its members, stand ready to be a part of the conversation and to help identify viable solutions that can create economic equality within our community while safeguarding the cultural soul of the city’s economic engine.

Please direct any questions to me at 504-975-4901.
Ronald Coleman, President"