New Orleans drops to 26th in national park survey

A 2021 comprehensive evaluation of park access and quality in the 100 largest U.S. cities done by the Trust for Public Land shows New Orleans in the twentieth sixth position dropping from 2020's previous 20th position.

While some stats look good, the racial equity figures are not yet at parity. TPL finds that "Residents in neighborhoods of color have access to 5% more park space per person than the city median and 49% less than those in white neighborhoods." The study provides advocates real figures to back pushes for progressive policies, more accessible parks and adequate funding.

Our community's info can be seen here: And an excellent map of 215 facilities can be seen here:

TPL has several goals, one of which is to put a quality park within a 10-minute walk of five million people who currently lack access by creating new parks or transforming underutilized parks in the communities of greatest need and by activating local and national partnerships.