Profane graffiti covers Lakeview playground, NOPD searching for vandals

Besides Tuesday's cold damp weather, there was another reason not to bring your little ones to Fleur de Lis Park in New Orleans.

"I have two children and they won't be coming out here today," Wendy Kilburn said.

The Lakeview mom got an eyeful as she walked her dog in the park.

Over the weekend, someone sprayed graphic graffiti all over the playground.
Kilburn said the words and images are disgusting.

"I think they need to rope it off or something," Kilburn said. "The graffiti is just terrible. The language is awful."

Tuesday, a New Orleans police officer took a look at the vandalism. The NOPD is now looking for who did this.

Lakeview Crime Prevention District Commissioner Freddie Yoder, who lives nearby, also wants to know why it was necessary for someone to spoil a place where children play.

"I don't get it," Yoder said. "I don't know why you have to destroy other people's property or at least the property that the children play with. Why pick on what they enjoy."

Parents are now talking about possibly putting up lights in the park or even fencing off the playground equipment at night.

Yoder's top priority is getting the graffiti removed as soon as possible.

"We worked so hard to get the play equipment here," Yoder said. "This was a very expensive project and we were able to work with the city to get it done and get a grant in order to get it done."

The vandals also spray painted the sidewalk in front of the park. A construction crew working on 40th Street decided to spray paint over it, so kids didn't have to read it.

Kilburn hopes police catch the vandals.

"Hopefully, it can be fixed and they find the scumbags that did this," Kilburn said. "This is very unlike Lakeview."

City Councilman Joe Giarrusso, whose district includes Lakeview, is urging city code enforcement to quickly remove the graffiti.

"This kind of graffiti is not only upsetting to our community, but it also shows a lack of respect to the many families who enjoy this wonderful park," Giarrusso said.

Giarrusso is also checking to see if the vandals were captured on crime cameras in the area.