Recently, a group of Lower 9th Ward residents met to celebrate a hopeful green dot of progress they’ve helped to create in a neglected corner of their neighborhood.

Dotted with ponds, paths and newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers, the 1.5-acre Sankofa Wetland Park was designed by… (click title to read more)

Uptown Messenger

Following a contentious neighborhood meeting earlier this year about a proposed dog park at Annunciation Square, the New Orleans Recreation Department is no longer requesting money from the city budget for either improvements at Annunciation Square or a new Uptown dog park.

It is illegal… (click title to read more)


Olive, left and Grady play tug-o-war with a well worn frisbee at City Bark Friday on August 12, 2011. Dog advocates and city officials have been marshaling forces in recent months to push ahead in determining where to establish new off-leash dog parks in New Orleans.

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Shaded areas, swings, and two separate play areas for younger and older age groups were some of the suggestions Lakeview residents offered at a community input meeting on improvements planned for Fleur De Lis Park.

The Lakeview Civic Improvement Association had their first meeting with… (click title to read more)

The Lens

It’s not always easy to see how racism functions in our culture. Many white citizens, for example, are struggling with the removal of public monuments to the Confederacy, astonished that others see symbols of slavery when they see only ancestral pride. Of course, the Confederacy could not have… (click title to read more)


Some of history's toughest questions are those that ask "why not?" Many features in our cityscape, for example, can only be explained by understanding why certain decisions were not made, and why things did not happen.

A case in point is a remarkable remnant of what was once our region's… (click title to read more)

The Audubon Park golf complex displaced a grove of majestic oaks and parkland previously available for general use.

“Pave Our Lake.” That was a bumper sticker you saw in the 1990s — a joke, of course, popular with proto-hipsters feigning weariness with the environmentalist campaign to “… (click title to read more)