RWT  Robert Thompson, Editor

May 2019 voters passed a millage for funding parks and recreation. Four beneficiaries, known as "Park Partners" will get shares of the tax collection. The partners - Audubon Nature Institute, City Park, Parks & Parkways and NORDC. A component of this millage's passage is a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement which mandates a Parks and Recreation Master Plan be developed. Planning was "put on hold" due to COVID-19.

Now the city has received a $433,800 grant to fund the planning process which should include community involvements and citizen participation. Goals of the plan include increasing equitable access, environmental resilience and building "child-friendly" parks. The grant only funds the planning. The millage may provide the financing of the park enhancements. Most of the latest millage has gone to bolster COVID budgets for the partners who suffered from cutbacks and revenue loss.

Emily Wolff from the Office of Youth and Families is heading the project. A request for proposal should be drafted by the end of the year, with its completion in the first quarter of 2021. She indicated a strong role can be played by residents of our community.

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